My new book, Don’t Lose the Ball in the Lights and Other Life Lessons from Sports, is now available!

My new book, “Don’t Lose the Ball in the Lights and other Life Lessons from Sports,” is now available in print and on multiple ePub platforms. It is the first in the Home Grown Wisdom Series.
Presented in short, devotion style chapters, the book sends the reader on a journey of learning, self-examination and self-improvement. Each chapter is based on a sports themed story – ranging from basketball to bowling, lacrosse to skiing, dance to gymnastic, and many other sports in between – and covering a wide range of levels – from little league, through high school and college, and into Olympic and professional sports. Each chapter ends with an invitation to consider and self-reflect and leaves the reader a little wiser after each day of reading.
You can download a copy for free at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play. You can download a copy for .99 at Free and reduced pricing is only available through the end of this week.
Please download a copy and comment below to let me know what you think! And, please consider writing a review on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and Google Play. I’m looking forward to hearing form you.

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