Praise for Don’t Lose the Ball in the Lights

“I have spent my life trying to be the best I can be in the sport of swimming and it’s very rewarding to know I’ve inspired others through sports.  I am so excited to see a book capturing great champions at their best… giving back and trying to positively affect the lives of others.  That is truly a champion!”

Dara Torres
12 Olympic Medals, 3 Gold Medals, Participated in 5 Olympic Games between 1984 and 2008, Author, Motivational Speaker

“In Don’t Lose the Ball in the Lights, Detar takes us on a storytelling journey, reminding us that the world of sports, beyond raw entertainment, lays claim to life’s most powerful lessons. As the reader glides through the wonderful and poignant stories, Detar’s vibrant message comes clear: through training, practice, focus and commitment, we each hold the power to make positive changes in our lives, to form new habits, rebound from missteps, acquire new traits, build resilience and hone our skills. Don’t Lose the Ball in the Lights is a masterful piece of work, teaching us, above all, that nurture, not nature, is the most powerful force on earth.”

Steve Ferber
Journalist, Author, Publisher, Sports Marketing Guru

“As a sports enthusiast, I’ve always enjoyed stories about sports and the lessons we can learn from them.  In her new book, my friend Sue Detar shares stories that not only entertain but include important life lessons. Her style is contagious and insights are timely in an age where sometimes the two seem so disconnected. This book is a great read for the young and old alike that I know you’re bound to enjoy.”

Doug Dickerson
Author, Journalist, Leadership Expert, Speaker